Thursday, May 17, 2012

Half-way House

Sometimes I long for the opportunity to do one thing and do it right. Instead of getting pulled away in the middle of it to do 10 other things and then I forget the first thing! Are you lost yet? I know I am. Over the weekend I started painting my newly textured/drywalled living room. I have to prime it before we can do the "fun" stuff of color and trim/crown moulding. But I can't ever get back to it. I'm almost half way there...but I've been half-way there for days!
Another thing, a couple of weeks ago I was working in my bedroom, sorting through some stuff that got stuffed in there when we were having company (I know, it doesn't really matter if I hide it if I'm going to tell everyone about it!) Tonight I noticed that I only got about half-way done in there too!
Sorting through kids clothes. Yup, had to stop to go drop said kids off somewhere, so guess what? I'm half-way done with that.
I try to embrace these days knowing that one day I will have all the time in the world to finish each task I start. My living room will look nice, my bedroom will not have stacks of half-way sorted stuff, there will be no kids' clothes to sort through and weed out. My dishes will be done. Laundry will be folded and put away.
And then I think that that's because there won't be toys all over the living room. There won't be art projects in stacks in my bedroom that I have to sort and figure out where to keep them, kids' clothes? Gone! Dishes? Well, dishes for two probably doesn't take long to clean up. And no little clothes to socks that are missing their mates...
Nevermind. Half-way is good for now. :)

P.S. Cute thing Nathan said tonight: I asked him "Who's cute?" "Ummmmmmm. Helly." (that would be Haley). LOL what a sweet kid! He did add afterwards that he was cute too. ;) I agree!

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squirrelgirl said...

Sounds a lot like my house. I'm kind of a slob to begin with - not dirty, just cluttered. But with the kids, I never have time to finish projects that I start. I've been wanting to have a yard sale for MONTHS, to get rid of so many things - and get a little extra money. But I can't get things organized without the kids "helping", which makes thigs even more disorganized!

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