Tuesday, May 1, 2012

On Modesty and Femininity

I truly believe we are supposed to cover certain parts of our bodies. That those certain parts are not meant for general viewing by the public. I didn't always have the same convictions over it. And I still sometimes think an outfit that isn't the most modest (for my girls) looks cute. I also worry that if I'm too strict they will rebel when they're older. And that I'll make them seem "weird" and different.

But the fact is, they shouldn't walk around wearing nothing. Even if that does make them weird or different. Maybe we should all be a little weird and different.

When I see a little girl (by the way, I'm old enough now that that includes anyone 20 or under) walking around with parts hanging out I feel so sad. Like is anyone explaining to them that some things are valuable enough to keep out of the sight of the public? That if they show those parts no one is going to see their true value. That the wrong kind of person and attention will come their way. Do you want your daughter to find a mate who cares about her breasts or her heart? Her legs or her mind? Her behind or her personality? There is nothing wrong with being cute. You can be cute and stylish without being a "hoochie mama".

If you want respect, respect yourself. The bait you use is an indicator of the "catch" you will bring home.

Thankfully, I have girls who prefer modest clothing so I haven't had to have any arguments (yet-they are only 5 and 12) in regards to them walking around "half nekkid". And both of them prefer dresses or skirts. Which I'm fine with as long as the activity we are doing is appropriate for that. But, I will tell you, if it comes down to a fight...I'm up for it!

When you dress modestly and require your daughters to do the same, you are also demonstrating respect for those around you. Our young boys (again, anyone under 20 counts in this category) are so affected by what they see. It's sad when we as girls/women put that temptation out there....

And I promise you, if you see a naked little girl with her thong underwear showing out of the top of her lower than low-rise shorter than short shorts at the mall....IT'S NOT MY DAUGHTER.

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