Monday, February 4, 2013

It's Not Fair!!!!!

I have this little thing I try to teach my kids:
 "Life isn't fair and the sooner you figure that out the happier you'll be." 
And I truly, truly, from the bottom of my heart believe it!!

Things in life are rarely equal. Bad things happen to good people and good things happen to "bad" people. And if we all got what we "deserved"...*shudder*

And I have lived long enough to notice that people who dwell on that phenomenon are pretty miserable people. Why is that? Because someone is always going to have something you don't have! Health, relationships, money...They will be skinner (while eating a McFatty Cheeseburger no less), their children will be better behaved, their husband more attentive, their car get the picture!

And *most* of the time I am able to practice what i preach. Not because I am Mary sunshine, always light and happiness. More likely due to my distractability honestly. I'm easily distracted (as a teenager it used to DRIVE ME MAD that I'd forget I hated my parents the night before and start talking to them again...only to remember halfway through the day that I was never talking to them again. And when you've already talked to someone for half the day...what's the point of stopping again?) Because of this I'm often able to let stuff just roll off my back easily...

But every now and again I get in such a rotten, scowling, negative mood that I prove myself right. It's no fun to be around a miserable person! (In those times I can't stand to be around myself!)

When I see how it affects my family and friends I do my best to snap out of it.

I have found the best (only?) way to do that is this: focus on what you HAVE rather than what you DON'T! Almost everyone has blessings they can count and I dare say most of us have more than we can count!

I know, we all have those days where we couldn't find a blessing if it came up, introduced itself and slapped us in the face...and that's just being human. And everyone understands a rare day like that-or a real friend will anyways.

But if you find yourself never happy, always dwelling on what you wish you a reality check and do yourself and those around you a favor!! Count your blessings, count them one by one! <3 br="">

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