Friday, March 14, 2008

5 Things

You know, I got tagged by a certain someone (Angie) who wants me to do one of those blogs where you list 5 things you do for yourself, for someone close to you, and for a complete stranger...I started trying to do it but lo and behold...I do very little for myself these days. I do even less for my husband and I didn't feel I could compress the list of things I do for the kids into 5. I then decided to make it sarcastic...that didn't even work for me. So, my goal? To find 5 things to DO for myself and my hubby! So, the exercise got me thinking...was it supposed to? :)

I really am blessed in my life (despite my griping). I remember a time when I longed for toys strewn about the house. I remember a time when I would see a woman with a toddler attached to her hip and I would just cry because I was sure it would never be me. I wanted to rock a baby through the night to calm his or her fears. I was even willing to clean up throw-up and messy diapers. I just wanted to be "mom" to someone. During the hubbub of daily life as the mom of 3 I forget just how precious each moment is. I find myself putting the kids off so that I can clean, play on the computer or just sit or whatever...I hear stories of a child who has died or is kidnapped and I think "What regrets would I have if that was my child?" and I know that those regrets would be those moments that I put them off, or snap at them for something little. Something that just belongs in the category of childish irresponsibility. I don't ever want to have those regrets. Of course I pray to God that I never have a cause to sit and tearfully count the times I messed up as a mom, but maybe if we all lived like that moment was tomorrow, today would be better. We'd enjoy the ride, not just aim for the destination.

Sometimes I see my children as a destination (getting them raised is the final "resting" place-when I get to rest that is) but the truth is they're only ours for a short time and they are meant to be enjoyed as much as possible. If we have our eyes focused on the "end" we'll miss the trip. And let me tell you, it's a trip!

So, the next time my 1 year old dumps the container of crayons again...or unfolds the laundry to use the basket it's in to play in or climbs up on the computer chair and "types" I want to remember how short the time is.

The next time my 7 year old asks (for the 15th time) if her hair looks pretty, leaves her shoes at the door, spills something AGAIN or forgets to tuck the shower curtain IN before showering I want to remember to ask my self "Will this matter in 5 minutes, 5 hours, 5 days, 5 weeks? Most of the time the answer will be "no"

The next time my 5 year old wants to comb his hair into a mowhawk or wear camouflage everything-to church, or rides his scooter down the slide I want to remember how thankful I should be that I have a little boy and that he is healthy enough to do all this crazy stuff that little boys do.

I am mom to 3 beautiful children and my house is no longer mine, nor is my time...but I have something way better than a clean house, uninterrupted sleep and quiet time. I have those 3 kids that call me "mom" and I am needed!


Angie said...

I'm going to blame it on the hormones I'm on - but that post has me sobbing! You are such a great mom Cara and very blessed! That doesn't mean I still don't think you need to do things for yourself from time to time though - you deserve it so much!! xoxo

Oh and I had to laugh - Lindsey is asking if her hair is pretty? LOL Buckle up and enjoy the ride! =)

Singwilsons said...

Email me! I am trying to catch up with you. :-) Okay, off to go read these awesome blogs you have written. Love wendy

Anonymous said...
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