Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter bunny??

I have a fundamental problem with the Easter bunny...ok, maybe I have several. My issues are not because of it not being the true meaning of Easter, that one is easy. I just tell my kids that the Easter bunny and candy are fun but are not the true meaning, etc...But, here are my problems:

1. Since when does a bunny lay eggs? (Shouldn't it be an easter CHICKEN??)
2. What's up with a huge bunny hopping all over (the world) and leaving baskets full of eggs w/ candy in them? (Do kids really believe this?? Or are they just afraid to rock the sugar-filled boat?)
3. How does said bunny get into the house? (Of all the things my children are deathly afraid of--shouldn't a huge bunny breaking and entering top the list?)
4. And why does it cost me so much money for the Easter bunny to visit our house?? (it's almost as much as Santa Claus--we'll talk about that one at Christmas time, that guy gets a lot of credit for money we spend too!)
5. Why does this stupid bunny leave this grass that you find until February of the next year? No matter how many times you vaccuum and sweep!? The Easter bunny is obviously MALE in gender!

Another brother brought up a good point. What does hiding eggs have to do with Jesus' resurrection? Did the people say "Here comes Jesus...quick! hide the eggs" LOL (P.S. I don't really want a history on why we hide eggs...this was just funny and made us think ;) )

This said, the kids love getting their baskets on Easter Sunday. So, I will continue to perpetuate this "fun" thing.

Then we head off to church where they hear all about the resurrection. :)


Mrs. Fudala said...

I love the comment about the true!

GinaB said...

awwww i miss Tyler! and his thoughts about things!

and ive missed your blogs! i have some catching up to do! :)

Tamara said...

yeah you blogged

Chrissy said...

I totally agree...did I ever tell you I hate Santa Claus? All the work I do and he gets all the credit? So not fair. I have actually never told my kids there was a Santa, they picked it up elsewhere and just assumed he stopped at our house too. If they took the time to read the name tags on the gifts Christmas morning they would see the jolly old man never signs his name...

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