Friday, June 6, 2008

Busy days, busy nights!

Well, from my lack of blogging it's probably apparent that we've been especially busy lately. We've had some fun and had some rough times (with kids--nothing major). I will focus mainly on the fun! :)

A few weekends ago (May 17th I believe) we were able to go camping at Lake Texana (our favorite place to go when the weather isn't hot enough to need to swim as there are alligators in that lake. Apparently, some people swim in it anyways, but I've seen alligators lunge at chicken meat...and let me tell you, my legs are pretty much the same color! So, while we were at this State Park we saw lots of interesting things. We saw armadillo (yep, live ones), raccoons (they will eat everything in your campsite if you let them!), deer (that will come up and eat out of your hand if you feed them--but you're not supposed to), alligators and birds, frogs and turtles! This is why this is one of our favorite places to camp. It was quite the adventure too because we drove like 2 or 2 1/2 hours to get there and by the time we get to our campsite it's getting dark. The kids and I went to get some firewood from the park host. When we got back where Harold was supposed to be setting up our camper he tells me that he FORGOT the keys to the camper! Unh, unh! But yep! He wasn't joking. At this point I'm trying to keep him from getting too frustrated and I told someone who came to see how we were doing (another camper). Long story short they were very nice and tried to help and finally someone loaned us a crank to get the pop-up action started. We never did get that little door open! Luckily I came up with the idea of climbing in and out over that little door! It worked! Ya know? We taught the kids how to make the best of a situation (hopefully). Ok, so we had to set up at a campsite that wasn't our favorite one the first night for a long fang-dangled reason that I won't bore you with and move to our favorite one the next morning. We decided to move the camper while it was OPENED UP!! We must've been quite the sight, but it worked! :) The rest of the weekend was pretty uneventful-except for Haley's teething all weekend (but that's a whole other blog). The kids had a great time-especially Lindsay who made a friend that was the sweetest little girl you could meet. She played at our campsite the whole day on Saturday.
Ok, I will stop with the rambling for now and show some pics!

Jared and Haley playing in the dirt-the best place in the world!

Lindsay playing with her friend-hand clapping games and rhymes, the universal language of little girls!

Haley's mood for most of the weekend.

An armadillo the guys (Harold and Jared) saw on their hike.

A rabbit-also seen on the hike the guys took.

A flower in some marshy plants that just stood out so prettily!

This was the coolest thing we saw. We figure the baby was only a couple hours old at the most! The mama was still licking him clean and they were both very wobbly!

I went to great lengths to get this picture. Hanging off of a dock on my stomach under the railings...

I guess that's all for that camping trip. We had a great time-despite the rough start with no keys! :)

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Kendra plus 2 said...

Great pics! Looks like you guys had a nice time.

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