Sunday, June 22, 2008

Deep thoughts by Cara Robertson

So, today when I had a few minutes alone (which is apparently dangerous for the likes of me) I was thinking about my upcoming trip to Syracuse, NY to meet my friend that I've "known" for 7 years as an email pal. We've been very close at times and not as close at others (hey, we have 7 kids between us we can't always keep up with our email!) but have always wanted to meet. We had done some preliminary planning a few times but it just never worked out (money, time, etc) and then she moved to Singapore! :( I figured (honestly) it'd never happen at that point. Every time she mentioned their stay getting longer--extending their time overseas--I would think, "Well, it's just that much longer til we can meet"...

So, this summer as she was planning her trip "home" (to the US) for a month and a half like they do every year she asked if we could meet. She even offered to pay for half of my ticket if I could come there. We started scheming, errr, I mean planning. It seemed to be falling into place. I was searching for affordable flights and such and found some. Then, overnight they skyrocketed (doubled). I had to email her and tell her I just couldn't do it--even at half price. :( :( :( she emailed me back and said to not give up...long story short they generously offered to buy my ticket using their sky miles (points system). I am so grateful and so excited to be able to do this finally. The only negative has been that I can't take Jared and Lindsay. It's just too expensive. I know I will be so sad to leave them for 4 1/2 days. I know I will cry and so will they...but that's not the deep thoughts. I got a little carried away there.

My thoughts are this: when you've looked forward to and wanted something for a very long time (and 7 years qualifies) as the time draws near it seems to speed up. Then I was thinking, before I know it the trip will be here and then it'll be over...then what? I'll have nothing to look forward to on this. How sad is that? In case today didn't have enough trouble, I had to borrow some from tomorrow. I just think that it's going to be over too quickly and we won't talk about everything that we want to...there just won't be enough hours in the day!

See where time alone gets me? It's obviously not healthy for me. I need chaos and distraction. :)

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Singwilsons said...

Can't wait for our time together, and yes, it will go fast! But, that just means we will have to start saving up for our NEXT VISIT, and right away. We can do something fun, like, everytime we email eachother, put a dime in a wine (soda/milk) bottle. It adds up fast, especially at the rate we email, and nobody misses dimes.
Can't wait to talk!

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