Friday, August 15, 2008

A Little Project

So, this summer I decided that since I am so good at keeping up with all my house work and entertaining the kids and doing things with them and I have time on my hands that I just don't know what to do with...sigh...that I would take on a project. I decided to redo the (hall) bathroom. It has been 1/2 done several times (in other words we've partially redone it and then partially redone it again...) but never fully done to my satisfaction. One of the issues I had with it was that it had several different versions of texture on the walls-due to repairs at different times. So, I took on the task of skimming the walls (this involves skimming all walls w/ drywall mud and then sanding it and then starting over w/ the mud again--you do these two steps until the walls are smooth). I figured I'd have to texture the walls-to hide all my mess-ups since this was my first attempt at doing this kind of work. My mom came over and looked at it and said that she thought it was very close to being good enough to skip texturing and just have smooth surface walls! I was so excited-my mom is very perfectionistic about these kind of things-so that was a compliment of the highest order!!! :D My dad did help with a few areas but by and large this was my project and I'm very proud of it! And the kids survived my being busy for a while.

Next Project? Our bathroom. It is only a 1/2 bath and is very ugly and old and gross. It has a big closet in it and we are going to turn that into a shower--at least that's the plan! I'm a little nervous but we have most of the materials sitting in our garage right now. Just waiting on my dad to have time to help us with the drain line for the shower and the plumbing aspects of it. I hope to do a lot of this one by myself too!
After that? Hopefully a school room!

I have decided rather than pine for a new, bigger (ie more expensive house) I should make the most of the one I have and stay here. I'm trying to practice what I preach to my daughter---be content with what you have! :)

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Singwilsons said...

That looks so great! Good job! Did you know we love frogs!? Partly because they are so cute and funny looking, but also because as an acronym it means Fully Rely On God

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