Sunday, August 31, 2008

My Favorite Moment(s)

I'm stealing this idea (just this once) from my good friend Jules. My favorite moment(s) do not include my children this time. Normally my whole identity is tied up in "mom-ness". This weekend I remembered I am me and I am a wife too. It was a nice discovery.
As an anniversary present my parents watched all 3 of my children all afternoon and into the evening so my husband and I could celebrate 14 years of marriage by having a date! We have not been alone together (when one or both of us is not snoring) in ages. We didn't have any specific plans or big, grandiose ideas. We just like to "be". We are happiest when we can just talk and be silly or be silent-that's who we are.
It ended up we went to a restaurant in Port Aransas (which involved a ride over the ferry to the island) then we drove around a bit-which is nice when you don't have children clamoring and screaming in the backseat. Our waitress at the restaurant was a hoot! She kept commenting on hubby's oyster order...and then when I turned towards him at one point she (stage) whispered to him that it meant I was really "into" him. LOL We then informed her we'd been married 14 years...but you know what? I am into him! Still!
So, after this we drove out to the beach and went for a walk. Just holding hands and leaving two sets of foot prints-in step with one another-in the sand.
My dear husband also took me to a shop on the island and let me browse among the swimsuits and such (which he knows I like to do but that it's not much fun with 3 children along-and by the way he hates to shop!). My most "un-favorite" moment was when I got a bee up my something or other and decided to try on a bikini. Yeah, that was not a good idea. After that we left the store and he bought me some m&m's to ease my fat induced pain.
We then walked on a pier that I'd never been on.
Like I said, nothing exciting (no dining at the top of some fancy building or dancing in some fancy club) just us. I love it! I hope to have 50 more years of this kind of life with my husband!
And by the way, we were glad to be re-united with our children at the end of this day-and they were glad to see us too!


Jules said...

I'm honored! I was hoping other people would share their favorite moments, but so far you are the first one. :)

carebear7951 said...

Jules-you know, copying is the sincerest form of flattery, right? ;) Maybe, if it interests you I will start trying to do that. It will certainly help me look for (and focus on) the positives, huh? :)

Jules said...

I would love it! :)

Mrs. Fudala said...

This was really nice to read. I am glad you two had some time alone to remember how much you mean to each other.

Oh...and super impressed that you tried on a bikini. I don't even look at them :)

Miss you!


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