Saturday, September 13, 2008

Hurricane Ike

Well, here is a picture of our direct hit from Hurricane Ike at a Category 4 and the devastation that ensued:

Do you sense the sarcasm? I'm so tired of the hysteria. Every time the authorities start freaking out and boarding up and telling everyone to get out (mandatory evacuation) this is what happens. I'm glad that we were spared and I'm sorry for those that were hit (truly I am)...but it's just ridiculous. We literally could not buy bread or water the other day because of the hysteria of everyone buying up all the "staples" for their pantries. And I must admit I fell into it a little. I have 15 gallons of bottled water, lots of pop-tarts, crackers, tuna/cracker kits and chunky soup...oh and gatorade. Now, what do I do with all of that? We don't eat like that! I could, I'm sure, eat both boxes of pop-tarts except that I'm trying to lose the weight I gained while camping. Anyways, I must go now and help my dear hubby un-board our house since this is over. For now.


Jules said...

Well, I am glad you are ok--even if now you are drowning in Gatorade and Pop Tarts! lol!

I know you don't like your house, but is it from the 50s? Those thin cement bricks look like something from that era and are very popular here in so-Cal! :)

carebear7951 said...

Yeah, Jules the pic of the boarded up window on white brick is my house. I need to take pics of the whole thing so you can see it. It really is kind of ugly. Now, truthfully, we have done NOTHING w/ the outside of the house. No landscaping or anything yet...maybe you'll have some tips.
It's from the 60s by the way.

Kristen said...

Glad you and your family are safe!

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