Saturday, September 27, 2008

My Favorite Moment

I think my favorite moment of this week was last night (Friday). Lindsay and I had the chance to go scrapbooking and we were gone for almost 3 hours (I'm never away from Haley that long). When we got back (at about 9:45 pm) Haley jumped up from the living room floor and came running to me yelling (happily). She hadn't been crying when I got there...but was obviously happy when I got back. Anyways, she just kept patting me on the back and grinning to beat the band! It's awesome to be loved and wanted like that! And it's not just for the milk factor these days! It's just because I'm her MOMMY! :)

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mainehappymama said...

There's nothing that beats coming home to someone so excited to see you....heartwarming :)

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