Thursday, September 18, 2008


We have been back from our vacation for 1 week now and I just realized that it got totally overshadowed (blog-wise) by Ike. The hurricane that wasn't (here anyways). So, I need to blog about my vacation, right? Well, blessedly there is not much to report. Our vacation was blissfully UNeventful! Just the way we like it.
The only thing that could've been a near-disaster is that Haley disobeyed me and walked right into a current in the river. The river was very low and fortunately I was able to reach her in time. I grabbed her by the back of her bathing suit (her head was already under) and pulled her out. No harm done. Except to my leg. When you might need to chase an errant toddler you should always have your river shoes on and ready to go into the water. Flip-flops do not work in the river (whose bottom is made up of varying sizes of rocks, pebbles and small boulders). But, all is well that ends well. And Haley was a little more careful of the river after this episode. :)

We spent lots of time just being a family and enjoying the outdoors. The kids were so tired every night that we didn't really get to do campfires and s'mores!

The rest can be said in pictures, right?

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