Thursday, March 31, 2011

Groundhog's Day

So, have you ever felt like you were living on the set of the movie Groundhog's Day? The kind of day where everything is the same again. Every morning I get up and make the same breakfast for the same kids (well, I'm glad about the same kids part). I vow the same vow to be patient and kind and loving all day long to said kids. I tell them to do the same chores (because they don't remember the day before...I think it was like that in the movie kind of....or maybe that was 50 First Dates ? where only some of the characters know what happened the day before? And the rest (or in 50 First Dates ONE) have no clue what happened the day before or the one before that? So, my kids are blissfully clueless. They forget the chores I assigned them yesterday and the day before. So, I list the same ones off...again. And I wash the same dishes. And I pick up the same toys/books/clothes. I fold the same towels. You get the picture? It's all so...the same. Nothing changes. Especially that I am overbooked, overwhelmed, under-prepared. And I yell. Too much. And get cranky. When truthfully I'm the one that allows our family to get overbooked.
All of the things we're in or do are valuable. To be sure. But each family would tell you a million different things that they find valuable. We can't do them all. Right? Unless you're me. Spastic.
We used to joke about my ability to multi-task. It's no longer a joke. The more necessary it becomes the less capable I am of doing it. I can no longer track multiple conversations as well (my husband used to be so amazed that I could be talking to him during Sunday School class and still have the answer when the teacher called on me). And I can no longer do 20 things at the same time. Or maybe I've finally gotten old enough (because I know I'm kids and my gray hairs tell me so) to realize that I can do it. I just don't want to. And it leads to nothing getting done WELL. I need to pare down our activities. Our "must-do"s...because we are all overwhelmed, and cranky. And I think it's because I am overwhelmed and cranky. And you know the saying there....if mama ain't happy ain't nobody happy.  Part 2 tomorrow. Maybe.

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