Friday, April 1, 2011

Part 2-Groundhog's Day

I sometimes wonder how women did it back in the day when they had more kids than I have (I think that is about a gaggle or something) and less modern conveniences. Here's what I think is the TRUTH about that. Life was hard. You woke early (but you didn't stay up late...say blogging? because there were no "modern conveniences"-lights, computers, television...). You worked hard. Then you went to bed so you could do it all again tomorrow-and it was dark anyways...what else were you going to do. So, you might have had that groundhog's day thing going...just not the insanity we have.
  • Mama didn't get distracted by the computer.
  • Mama didn't have to run kids all over the place. I think when Laura and Mary Ingalls got out of school...they walked home!? Never once did I hear anything about Mary needing to hurry and get ready for soccer practice.
  • You didn't have to keep up with the Joneses...who cared? The Joneses lived to far away to know what you had anyway.
  • Laundry was hard to do but there was less of it I think. And if you wore the same dress to church two Sundays in a row? So what. So did everyone (except Mrs Olsen-and who liked her anyways? She was so rude and ugly!)
  • Mama didn't worry about her kids psyches endlessly. She loved her kids. And although there was a gun in every house and every kid got spanked (behind the woodshed no less) no one took that gun to school and shot anyone!?
  • Mama didn't really need to worry abut her figure. She didn't have the overabundance of "convenient" food that we have now. And would she go to the gym? No. Her daily work was enough to keep her waist trim!
 I'm not saying I wish we could go back...I just realize that maybe our modern conveniences aren't so convenient after all.

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Jenn said...

Yep, I'd have to agree with you there! I can get pretty distracted by the modern "conveniences"!

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