Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Who Am I?

Who am I? Not "who is Lindsay/Jared/Haley/Nathan's mommy", but who am I?
  • A child of God.
  • A wife
  • Someone who would love to be a labor and delivery nurse in the future.
  • A woman who loves to read.
  • Someone who loves to craft-although sometimes I think I'm an artist trapped in a non-artist's body.
  • Someone who loves order-but constantly allows chaos to reign supreme. 
Do you know how hard it is to define yourself? I don't even think I did a very good job. I think that if a therapist/counselor had asked me to do this exercise...he/she would be disappointed in my answers. I think that most of my answers say what I like, what I do, etc. I don't know if that tells who I am.

As I've been going about my life-ie picking stuff up and cleaning and rearing children...I have been thinking about this. I wanted it to be profound. But these were all that I could come up with.   Does anyone have any way that they would define themselves?  By the way. I am a mom. And that is who I am. ;)

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Jenn said...

I think our likes define part of who we are. I guess if I was to describe myself I would definitely write down things I enjoyed doing, etc. I think you got a good start on describing who you are. But, I bet there's a lot deeper stuff their too! I think describing ourselves can be hard, but good for us!

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