Saturday, February 18, 2012


We joined a 4-H club last year but just kind of participated on the fringes of things. We didn't participate in any of the show stuff or anything like that. We didn't even go and see the competition. This year we ended up only entering 3 things between the two older kids. I tried to prepare them for not winning at all because there would be so many entries. And I told (especially Jared) them that just because they didn't win it didn't diminish their art/project. It was still good. No matter what it won or didn't win. Weeeellllll, they won! All 3 projects/pieces won....BLUE ribbons! I was so happy for them and proud. But the proudest moment of all was surely the look on Lindsay's face when she saw JARED had won a first place ribbon for his drawing. Not even knowing she had won ANYthing at this point. She later told me that before we left she had prayed that, even if she won't nothing, Jared would place with his drawing. He tends to be very unsure of himself and she knew he needed that to feel validated. I love that she was more concerned for him than for herself.

Lindsay's photograph also won the same kind of ribbon that Jared's artwork won. I don't have a photo of her photo though. :)

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