Thursday, April 12, 2007

Glorious Sleep!!!

As anyone that I regularly talk to knows, sleep has become the Holy Grail in our home. During the day our little Haley is the most precious angel baby ever! She does all the things a baby is supposed to do (you know, eats, poops, naps, coos, smiles, poops) But at night Haley goes away and sends her evil twin "Hiley" (named by Nana) in as her replacement...Hiley is not a nice girl! Rather than go to sleep, she flails and hits and scratches and does anything possible to stay awake (and keep mama awake with her). I've tried everything I can think of (and everything anyone else can think of) and nothing works! But, last night (and this after 5 shots and an oral vaccine!!) Haley stayed the whole night!! Yaaayy!! She went to sleep at 11 pm and woke at 4:45 to eat then back to sleep until 7:45! I am one happy mama with that scenario!Funny thing is so is she! She woke up in the best mood this morning ("talking" and smiling the whole time) then ate and went back to sleep!
As for the other's what they think of all this. Lindsay told my friend Leah (who is 8 mos pregnant and told Linds that when the baby was born she wouldn't be so tired) "I'm sorry to tell you that when your baby is born you will not be less mom is tired all the time" Out of the mouths of babes, huh? :) And Jared? He's just his own world and happy most of the time!

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GinaB said...

That is too funny! we miss you guys sooooo much...give the kids a hug and kiss for me! :)

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