Thursday, April 19, 2007

Some happy days!

One might think, from the mood in my posts, that my not posting in the past few days is a bad contrair mon frair(sp??) ! lol We've had some really good days! First we had a field trip to the beach with the homeschool organization and then Lindsay had a horseback riding lesson (a birthday present from us) yesterday.
The kids and I really needed some days like that!
The man who does the teaching part of the National Seashore (beach) trip is great! We've been before (in te fall) and he is just so great and patient with the kids. He actually is teaching them science, but I don't think they realize it! He tells it in such a way that they get it and they're interested and he knows when to stop. Then there's the added bonus of playing in the water! ;)
The beach was great, but the best was yesterday at the horse ranch where Linds had her lesson. We got there around 9:20 am and were only supposed to be there for an hour (that's what we paid for) but the lady who owns it was just great and gave Linds some extra time. After that she and I were visiting (she homeschools her 11 year old son-so the kids were playing with him) and just had a wonderful day! The kids had a blast, as there are cats, dogs, horses, a trampoline, wild blackberries to get the picture?? Anyways, they ran free (as kids sometimes need to do!) and I had adult conversation!!! :) :) :) Anyways, today we were ready to really settle down and have some great learning/formal school time and the kids did wonderfully! The weather is gorgeous right now and we are enjoying it. We try to go for a walk-and the kids ride their bikes-every day. Haley loves the walks and frequently laughs, smiles and talks during them! And this also qualifies as PE time! :) (You know from my earlier posts that I'm all about multi-tasking)
She is getting so big! I can't believe she's already 2 1/2 mos!! It's such a bittersweet thing as she's our last and babies are so sweet...but I'm ready to be past the sleep deprivation and crankiness. Ok, enough of my babbling...I'll post the pictures y'all actually came to my blog to see! ;)
The pictures here are of Lindsay at the beach (if you're wondering why there are more of Linds it's because Jared is too hard to catch when we're at a place where there are interesting things to see and do!) and there's one of Linds during her riding lesson (luckily this is not the horse she fell off of as she's pretty big!!!) and then one of Jared holding Haley.

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