Thursday, April 12, 2007

Happy Haley

See? during the daytime hours Haley is wonderfully tolerant-even good natured--no matter what we do to her ;)
I am truly blessed! Yes my kids fight and although I don't like it, it means I have "normal", happy kids! My house is a mess, but I remember there were years when I longed to have toys strewn about. So what if my husband leaves his stuff out? He's home every night and wants to be here! And yes,I am sleep deprived...but I have my Haley-girl in my arms! :)I know of many women who would give anything to hear a baby cry in the night!! So, this post is to remind me of all that I have and that the glass is half full! Forgive my sappiness! ;) More pics (of the older kids coming soon...)

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GinaB said...

Haley is too cute!
i cant wait to see some pictures of Lindsay and Jared..or better yet...see you guys in person!! :)

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