Tuesday, December 16, 2008

My Little Man

In helping Jared to do a project for Cub Scouts (He should officially be a Tiger Scout as of the January Pack meeting! Yay!) I have realized just how quickly he is growing. In the past year his face has turned from a little boy's face to a big boy's face. It's amazing just the difference between last December and this one! It makes me kind of sad...these are days I will never have back with my little guy. And I think that it's even more poignant with boys because as the saying goes: Have a daughter and you have her for life, A son's only a son til he takes a wife...
I've seen this with my mom and my brother. We rarely ever get to talk to and see Jordan. Of course he goes to his wife's family's holiday functions and such most of the time. As do we-spend more time with my family that is. I try to think how my mother-in-law must feel sometimes because after all, my husband was once her little boy just like Jared is mine. **sniff sniff**
He can be such a sweet little guy, when he's not wielding a weapon of some sort. Often, when we can't find him we need only to look up-a pole, a tree, the fort...anywhere that is a challenge to get, he's there. He's such a rough and tumble boy but also can be so tender and helpful-asking me what he can do to help and if I need anything. Or just hugging me when I'm sad or have a headache.
It's amazing...how these little kids just get right into your heart. It's too bad that when they grow up and still keep part of it, huh?

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Kendra plus 2 said...

If it makes you feel better, we end up doing much more with my DH's family than mine, so does his brother.

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