Thursday, December 25, 2008

The Baby-part 2

So, my dh (dear husband) was on board now. All I needed was my bfp (big fat positive-on a pregnancy test that is). If you haven't noticed I'm now speaking the lingo of an online community. With the help of my wonderful friend (Wendy-thanks!) I found a website for those ttc (trying to conceive) and made some wonderful friends while going on this journey. My last pregnancy (from my keyboard to God's ears). I was so thankful to have this support group because I had some complications with Haley. We feared I would miscarry due to some medical complications (placenta previa). I was so excited to finally get past that and be cleared for a "normal" that time I was huge! Anyways...this is supposed to be about Haley-girl. We had a very smooth delivery and things were fine. Then I brought her home. For the first two weeks we were in some kind of honeymoon phase. All was well. The baby slept (as well as you'd expect a newborn to anyways) and she nursed was great. We even **gasp** thought we could prob'ly have one more-so Haley would have a sibling her age. HAH!
We no longer think that!
This baby that God gave us...shows His sense of humor! It's a heavenly sense of humor...but humor none-the-less.
She is the cutest little thing. One of the things I remember best about her baby-ness is that she stretched in that adorable baby way ALL the time! It was so sweet. She would stretch about every 2 minutes. So sweet. And funny because she still takes her stretching and waking up very seriously.

Then, that first two weeks-the honeymoon-was over. She began to take over the house. She screamed from 9-12 every night. Awful. We were at a loss. There didn't seem to be anything wrong (Lindsay had reflux but Haley didn't have any of these symptoms). She would nurse until she threw up (but only from over eating) and then scream some more. We finally found out that her daddy could calm her for short minutes during those hours. And so he did. (Thank You God for my husband!) And her bedtime, no matter what we did was somewhere around 2-3 am. Now, if you remember anything about our life...I homeschool the older two. Sleeplessness is not as horrible if it's your first child because you can sleep with the baby...not so with your third and 2 older children that need, not only mommy but an education. It was tough going. But we made it! We've gone through easier stages and harder ones. I've been extremely humbled at times and extremely proud at others. It's been quite the journey, going from 2 (older) children to having 3 and one so much younger.
But this baby is such a blessing. I cannot imagine our lives without her. She is so full of life and other things too.
Every night I sing to her and one of the songs I sing (After Jesus Loves Me-which HAS to be first) is You Are My Sunshine. She is truly our little sunshine. Such a ham and an entertainer. We are learning new things every day from her...We've all had to learn to be a little more patient. When your first child is born you have to make room, but your whole world revolves around that one little person. When your third child comes (almost 5 years after the current "baby" was born) it really is hard. Try babyproofing when your older children's favorite toys are Legos and Polly Pockets. Oh, and marbles...Yeah-not baby friendly. Overall the kids do really well with her though. I know there are times when they could use more attention than they get but they love her and give her a lot of it themselves. I can't believe how fast all of them are growing up though.


Kendra plus 2 said...

Oh Cara, this post makes me sad. Look how much she's grown! Mine haven't though, nuh-uh they'll be babies forever ... yah right.

She's gorgeous and you've done a fantastic job mama!

squirrelgirl said...

Oh, I love all the pics. And I've always wondered how moms of several little ones get it all done. I guess you just miss out on the sleeping part of the day to find enough time for everything, LOL about the babyproofing. Never thought about that!

Singwilsons said...

Sometimes it seems like just yesterday they were such little babies. I do miss them being so small and innocent. But it's so blessed to be out of that stage as well. i can tell I will be one of those grammas that wants to hold all the babies.
Awesome post idea btw, I might steal it, would you get mad!? ;-)

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