Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Brain Zapped...Camera Challenged

I think that this little bean (barely the size of a bean) has zapped every ounce of creativity, strength and fortitude out of my mind and body. Seriously. I am uninspired, unmotivated, unenergetic...and the list of "uns" could go on and on. So, I'm sparing you by not posting lately. See how that works? I'm a kind soul even if I'm a dead-head.

Also, my rechargeable batteries for my camera are telling me that they have been overused, underappreciated and are done. So, I haven't even been taking pictures.

On the upside, we are almost done with school for the year! We're just kind of finishing up one thing a day-no pressures, no worries at this point. This means that I have started lesson plans for next year! I'm always excited about that--it means leafing through brand new school books! Never used, marked in or dog-eared books! The best! And I have a plan for next year...this year we tried the (very popular) homeschooling method of no lesson plans. Doesn't work for me. I NEEEEEED the lesson plans and to color each lesson in as it's completed. Otherwise I'm totally unorganized just don't get what needs to be done done. (ie-Science and History took a real hit this year--which isn't that horrible b/c 1) the kids already know more history than I learned in public school and 2)this past year's curriculum was not that awesome anyway). So, this coming year we're going back to LESSON PLANS! We'll need to start a month early so that we can take off all of December and possibly January for the baby! That ought to motivate the kids, huh? I've also combined their lessons in Bible, History and Science! Yeah! That means those 3 subjects I only have to teach once a day and we can use those subjects to do a lot of reading aloud (I think that is SOOOOO important). I'm so excited about that!!!!!

Ok, so maybe I did have something to write about. Not sure that it's interesting to anyone besides a fellow-homeschooler but hey, it's my life! :p

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