Friday, May 22, 2009


So, I love my baby (well, all 4 of them) but I'm so ready to feel like myself again. My get up and up and went. I feel puny all the time now (I used to think it was funny that my morning sickness was at night but now it's all the time)--although my doctor did warn me that this week would prob'ly see the worst of the pukey/tired feeling. She said it usually peaks in the 10th week (I'm 9 weeks and 4 days today) and then starts to subside. I hope!!!! **fingers crossed**

My dear husband is on his way home right about now with a strawberry milkshake for me. It's the only thing that sounds good.

Now, when you're feeling like I am lately, it's not the best to go (by yourself, unattended) to the grocery store. I wanted to get baked beans (hey, we have hamburgers, what else are you gonna put with burgers and corn on the cob?) but when I was looking at them it just confounded and overwhelmed me) and when I finally settled on a "flavor" I didn't have the energy to pick up the can and put it in the basket!

Another thing. I'm thinking of using cloth diapers this time around. I don't know if it's so much about the cost of diapers or feeling extremely guilty about having had 3 kids already go through thousands upon thousands of disposables (sposies) and that we've surely already used up our fair share of the landfills, right? So, that has me feeling bad. Then, they are pretty cute. Oh, and there is a cost savings. I don't know what the exact savings is when you figure extra detergent and water and electricity...but it must still be some, right? For one year's worth of Huggies (going conservatively on how many I would use) it's like $540. So multiply that by 2 and you have $1080!). The diapers I'm looking at (and they're the fancies of the cloth diapering world I think) are going to cost around $500 for everything. Hmmmm....Not sure we'll go through with it but it's something to think about--when I'm bored. Ha ha.


Anonymous said...

Which cloth diapers are you looking at? We did them with both girls part of the time. When I had them both in diapers though it got to be too much and I've never switched back. They really are super easy though.

I'm hoping you get out of the feeling icky stage soon!!

Jules said...

Yes on cloth diapers! I would totally use them if we were blessed with another baby! Go to The Simple Dollar ( and check out Trent's cost analysis on cloth v. disposable diapers. :)

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