Thursday, May 28, 2009

Various Ramblings

So, last night, the school room took a dramatic turn...for the better! Ok, so we still have a long way to go, but remember the blue wall with the big shelf and all the...junk...on it?? Here is what it now looks like (yep, the same wall!)

Isn't that better?? (Do you like my first Science thing that I can "display" and not have in my kitchen?? That little dead guy model thing provided my two older kids with something to do for quite a while last night. At bedtime.)

This morning hasn't started off quite as wonderful as it could've. My wonderful hubby (I really do mean that, but this wasn't a good example of it! LOL) He comes into our room (where Haley is sleeping soundly-yes, that's another post entirely because I have no desire for my 2 year old to be sleeping in my bed, especially when a newborn is coming in about 6 mos-but as I said, another post entirely) so, he comes into our room to inform me loudly that he "has a problem". Yep, buddy, you're gonna have a problem if you wake this two year old. But he keeps talking...all the while I'm trying to get up so we can leave the room and I can found out the "problem" (I also now know where Jared gets his talking loudly without having any realization of said loudness...and not stopping no matter what you say. I thought he got it from me, NOPE!)
He has locked his keys in his car. Ok, not good, but not tragic. Get the spare keys right? Nope! Know why? His have been lost he now has MY KEYS to his car!!) And the only key to the camper. Yay. But still not tragic. We have another car (that he can use to get to work for today) and my dad can get into his car where we can (hopefully) find the keys and then I'll have something to drive in the event of an emergency (because trust me, you would only want to drive this car in the event of an emergency-unless you have on coveralls to cover your clothing). So, he left in my van (I waved bye bye to it-I just cleaned it out yesterday) and sure enough. My dad got the keys out. All is well again (and yes, I'll be making copies of said keys later today---when my van gets back home and I can drive it!!!!)

Then, just when you thought it would be all good from there...Good Morning America-the only news I have time to watch-has on their headline segment a story of a "baby faced killer". Ok, no surprise. But then...there are suspicions of sexual abuse by the father-the victim of the murder. So, this 14 year old killed his father and maybe it was because the father was a scoundrel of the worst kind. I can explain all of this easily to my 9 year old daughter. Then, they say (loud and clear), that something of, ummm, how shall I say, suspicious nature was found in his room--only they said it in very obvious terms. OH MY GOSH. Really? So, what does Lindsay ask me? She asked what that was! I almost puked. And it had nothing to do with morning sickness. I did the best I could ("it's a very grown up thing" oh, I also threw in "it's bad" because I didn't want her telling her friends!?). But that is in her mind now. See why I don't watch the news???? OY. Has anyone had an experience like this? With their child learning something you weren't quite ready for them to learn from the news??


Anonymous said...

we're having one of those days too. your schoolroom shelves look great though!

carebear7951 said...

Thanks Kelly! I didn't take as wide of an angle as I did the "before" pic, but it's still making progress and I'm excited. The kids and I spent part of the morning putting some books on our shelves! Yay!!

squirrelgirl said...

Ditto on lovin' the shelves! But now you've got my curiosity piqued about the "item of a suspicious nature"...

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