Monday, May 25, 2009

First Things First!

You know what I realized? I never posted after pics of our bathroom. I don't know if you remember or not (it's been a LONNNNNG time) but this is what it looked like before!
Now, not all things that need to be done have been done. But I must say that it's a sure sight better than it was before! I love having my own bathroom that is not blue and has a shower!!! I don't know if the pictures reflect it or not, but it used to be only a half-bath with a large closet. Now, it's a full bath with linen shelves. :)

(one light bulb is left unscrewed on purpose...don't want to see myself in too much light! ;) )
(still have some organizing and prettifying to do in the shelves)
(the main thing that still needs to be done is a shower door. did you know those are very expensive? And the curtain is working quite well and makes cleaning much easier...we may just stick with the curtain after all!)

Now, we did the bedroom about the same time, I tried to make it coordinate as best as I could. I think I did a pretty good job if I do say so myself. :)

I tried to go for a minimalist look because the rest of the house is so cluttered that I figured we needed one space that was as un-cluttered as possible, right? I have a frame with 3 spaces in it...I had planned to put my mama/baby pictures from each child in those spaces. Now what to do? any ideas? I think you can see said frame in one of the pictures (I think the picture with the-necessary-box fan it).

So, if we have first things first, then you know there has to be something "second", right? Well, it is my school room! I'm finally (now that Lindsay will be in 5th grade and we've been homeschooling since pre-kindergarten) going to have a specified school room! And I could not be more excited!
I'll bet you wanna see it, right??? Ok, here it is! Ta da!!!!!

What's a matter? You can't see the pupils learning diligently in that room? Oh, that's because right now, it's half of our garage! We have a vision though. My dad and I do. We're going to use that half of the garage for our school room! (The kids wanted to know if it was going to have air conditioning--lol, yep!) I'm so excited to post pictures as changes are made! (My laundry room will be separated from the school room by a half-wall, giving it some delineation but also making it a temperature controlled room and giving us a space (above the washer/dryer) for a nice window. For some reason I just think of that creepy book/movie "Flowers in the Attic" when I think of kids trying to live and learn in a windowless dreary room! Stay tuned dear readers! (My dad has already-yesterday-built a HUGE whole wall unit of bookshelves. It has shelves big enough for my biggest reference books and Haley's picture books...hopefully all of our books in the whole house will be housed on that one wall of our school room!!!)


Colleen said...

pretty exciting stuff! SO glad you are finally getting a school room, I think that will be great!

Anonymous said...

your bathroom looks great! good work!

can't wait to hear about the other changes too, it looks like a big job!

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