Thursday, January 29, 2009

Crazy Monotony

Now, there's an oxy-moron for you. There is so much going on all the time, but it's always the same stuff. My hubby's car is dead...again. Yeah. Here is a picture of my dear, dear husband that represents 2008-2009.

We're planning Haley's little birthday party. Don't know what to serve. We always do hamburgers...and while Harold makes the bomb of a hamburger...can we have some variety in our lives?

We're getting there with our bedroom/bathroom makeover! I'm loving everything that is done so far! So excited to have my own pretty bathroom. The before pics will show you just how exciting this should be. ;)

Jared got his Tiger Badge...making him officially a Tiger Scout! Yay Jared! He says he wants to go all the way to Eagle Scout. And let me tell you, I will encourage and work with him for it. I think that is an awesome thing to do-and will look good on college apps too (sssshhhhh! Don't tell him that!) I wish we could find his scout hat. He looks so cute in uniform with the hat...but alas, it's gone! Here are some pics of us getting his tiger badge. Daddy couldn't be there. :( He's working lots these last two weeks of the month.

Getting ready to jump back into baseball. Oy. Do you know how much they charge for the spring season??? I'll bet you're dying to know! They charge $75! ****gasp**** I'll take out a in his savings bonds. Just so he can play baseball. **eyes roll** (oh, and for that you don't even get a full uniform!You get a shirt and a baseball cap! You still have to buy the pants, socks, belt and shoes!) But it's worth it when your little guy hits the ball and is happier than you have ever seen him. Or when his papa shows up at practice to be an assistant coach-meaning he's taking time for your interest. In a 6 (almost 7) year old boy...what could be better?? :) Not much!

I'm working on a Bible Study that is veeerrrry heavy. Very good, but heavy. Heavy on future events eschatology and history. The eschatology I figure I'm at no more of a disadvantage than anyone else (no one knows what will happen definitively) but apparently I have a serious history deficiency. I can't wait til next year when we do our new history curriculum and I get to learn with the kids! Then, maybe I won't be so befuddled about what I've studied in this Bible Study. But, I plug on...even with the confusion.

I'm also extremely busy planning the spending of our tax refund! I have been made fun of (MOM) for my planning of this expenditure (ok, maybe it's because I have it spent for the next 5 years) but when this is the only time you have "extra" money...and get to have a little fun and splurge w/o kind of get excited (by the way, next year we're going to Disney!!!) Anyways, this year?: Renewal of vows (looking for a modest but elegant event in August), pay a credit card down a bit, redo the girls' room (yay!! so excited about this one), rip out lots of carpet and put down laminate (partly b/c our carpet is ick and partly due to Lindsay's allergies) and homeschool materials for next year (anyone who knows me knows this is very exciting-nerd that I am I unashamedly love anything school/office supply related!)

Oh, and then there are the plumbing issues...that's fun.

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