Monday, January 5, 2009

New Beginnings

So, in the last year and a half I've had some issues with our church and how some things are handled. I didn't know if it was just me or what was going on. It's been really difficult to do what I know I'm supposed to do and let my husband make the decisions regarding where we attend services. I'm not a submissive kind of person but know that as a Christian wife that's what I'm called to be. So, I fight my natural tendencies to be the "leader". I've let my husband know (several times) that I'm not altogether pleased with the way things at our church are but have met with resistance. I can't say that I was always pleasant and happy to be submissive, but I've managed it.
Yesterday he said we could go to the church I had kind of been looking into-for if/when he decided to. I was pretty pleased with how things went. I've been wanting a more "old-school" approach to Children's Church. Ours has been more progressive and seems a little too focused on entertainment in my opinion. There are times when children should expect to be entertained and times when they should expect simply a pleasant learning environment. I don't think they should be in a church setting where they aren't allowed to smile or enjoy themselves. But I also don't think it needs to be like a party. Flashing lights, games and crazy videos just aren't appropriate for church in my opinion (wish I could say my "humble" opinion but I can't-I'll work on that this year ;) ) When I was a child (now I'm starting to sound old) we went to church, learned songs about God-sometimes the songs had motions and sometimes not-but it was mostly reverent and focused. This is what we experienced this week.
The theme of the Children's ministry is the "Rein" Forest. So appropriate (unless you're Ethan-our friend- who was a little nervous that there would be live animals in this "rein" forest) for garnering their interest and making it friendly...yet the children learned straight from the Bible and came home talking (not about wrestling and other crazy things) about the scripture they read from and lessons they learned. The lesson was exactly what the "big" church did-3 John-a story of 3 men, one who built up the church, one who tried to tear down the church and one who went out from the church (missions). The children talked about how we should make people feel welcome and special (building up the church)...And for the record, I was a little concerned that since they've been so used to the "party" atmosphere they'd be "bored" but not so! They want to go back!
As for us, I enjoyed the more laid back approach to worship. Much more like what I grew up with...and some things don't need "fixing"! :)

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