Saturday, January 17, 2009

If I could read one person's mind...

So, I decided that my blog entries are lacking something. I can't blog about my bathroom renovation yet...because it's not done. I haven't been in a photog mood lately, so that leaves out those picture blogs (with lots of fun pics of the kiddos) and I don't want to do too many controversial blogs-not that you would notice that since the last two have been based on some of the most drama-filled subjects there are. (Stay at home mom stuff and politics-no controversy there! ;) So, I googled (a really great tool in this post-modern era we live in unless you google medical conditions which then cause you to have a nervous breakdown because you are just sure you have contracted ebola virus or something equally as devastating-when really all you have is a mild case of food poisoning or stomach ache. Anyway, I digress. Google is a magical tool in our world so I used it for blogspiration. (Isn't that cool how you can add the word blog to the beginning of any ordinary word and it subsequently becomes "blog related"? I love it!

Now, the question in my search was "If you could read one person's mind, whose would it be?"--and asks: If you had the power to read only one person's mind, whose would you choose? What would you like to learn about them from this? How would this help you understand them? Would it answer questions you have about them?

I have thought about this and cannot come up with anyone whose mind I would truly want to know that well. What if they thought bad things about me? And what if they could read my mind? Mind reading would be the worst kind of invasion. That said, I know it would not be that of my children. For one, how could I choose which one? For another, it would cause me complete heart break if they thought some of the things I know kids think about their moms. Especially when said mom is with them all day long. I think, if I had to choose someone, I would want to read my husband's mind. Nope, no jokes here about how little time it would take me to read it, or how easy it would be. Nope, not from me.

I would finally understand him. That is all. Not because I think he's hiding something from me (all sarcasm aside, I trust my husband as much as anyone can trust another human being-I'd say close to 110%). There is no ulterior motive here. Like last night, when I put my arm around him in bed he tells me "You are going to have to move over" Wow! Really? Had I been able to read his mind I would've known that he felt too close to the edge of the bed and wanted us both to move over. Big difference, huh? So, maybe I don't want to read his mind, I just want to understand what he means when he speaks. And sometimes when he really balks at something new I'll think it's because he doesn't want to do that thing-thinks he would hate it-when really it's just the fear of the unknown. That would be nice to know! He just doesn't use enough words...I wonder if he thinks words? ;)

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