Monday, January 12, 2009

Politics Again

This is not a debate issue per se, I just have to say I am proud of our President. I believe he has done the best he could with a really difficult term. I was watching the Press Conference this morning and he was asked why his critics were so "loud" and so passionate...his answer? (paraphrased of course) was that he made the best decisions he could and he didn't listen to the "loud" voices. He said he was not the first president to have such loud critics and he won't be the last. Because (and this is something I have always admired about him) he made his decisions based on what he thought was right-not based on whether the press would praise him-he can hold his head up high and like who he sees in the mirror. I wish I had an emoticon on here with a standing ovation because whether you like him or dislike him, agree with his policies and decisions or disagree heartily you have to respect someone who stands firm with their beliefs and convictions even when the loudest voices he is hearing are those that are calling him names.

He has held on to his sense of humor and is able to poke fun at himself! I think that shows humility and grace under fire.

Another thing I am struck by is his respectful tone in regards to the President Elect. When he speaks of Barrack Obama he speaks with respect and wishes him the best-it surely seems genuine. I'll bet there will be nothing missing from the White House when the Bushes leave it for the Obamas. I'll bet there will be no keyboards damages and such. The Bushes are leaving Washington with their heads held high and with class!

Farewell President Bush...I hope you enjoy retirement!

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