Wednesday, January 21, 2009

More Writing Inspiration

So, I was wanting to write but still am just not very inspired. I don't know if I've been too caught up in "weight loss" stuff to think about anything else (if so, how sad is that?) or if I'm just in a blog slump. At any rate I went back to the site I got my last idea from and there were a couple of them that kind of gelled into one idea. One of them was "Would You Erase a Traumatic Event?" another was "Are You the Same Person You Were 10 Years Ago?" and thirdly, "What 10 Rules Should Everyone Live By" (ie if I had the power to chose 10 rules for everyone in the WORLD to live by what would I choose. What an interesting thought, having that much power. Anyways, all those came together and made me think of a kind of corny thought I had not too long ago. I was at my mom's house and she has my senior picture up on her mantle and I thought about how although you can tell I am that person, that person is so young. And I thought, what would I tell "that girl" if I could? How could I save her heartache and mistakes?

There is so much I've learned in the last (almost) 15 years. But I don't know that "that girl" would've even believed some of what I would have to tell her, let alone listened to my advice. I think that when I was younger I was so idealistic and absolute. I thought right was right and wrong was wrong (I still believe that by the way) but here's what I've learned: Good people can make wrong choices. I've made a few. Does that make me a "bad" or "wrong" person? No. I think that the key is to learn from your wrong choices and make different ones next time. I think that is called growing up. I am less judgemental and more understanding. I realize that people come from different walks of life and those paths lead to different choices. I realize that we are not the sum total of one choice-no matter how bad it is. I also realize that I am not perfect! **gasp** ;)

I think this segues into the 10 rules I would choose!
1) What else? Treat others how you want to be treated. The Bible says it! It used to be in every classroom on the wall. It's a good rule.

2) Live like today is IT. It just might be. Either for you or for the person you love. You/they might not be here tomorrow.

3) Love like you've never been hurt. If you hang on to what someone else (that you thought loved you) did to you you are allowing that person (who may not have even truly, really loved you) to affect the rest of your life-and the lives of those you touch.

4) Listen to people.

5) Please, thank you and Bless longer optional. How wonderful would life be if those words were used more-and meant!?

6) If you get it out, put it away.

7) If someone is them!

Ok, so maybe I would stop there. Maybe # 8 would be less rules, but more respect for the ones in place. Maybe I wish we didn't need so many rules. That people were more into "self governing"....

And lastly, would I erase one tragedy!? No. We are the sum total of our life's experiences and I would not be who I am without the experiences I have lived...good and bad. I am blessed that thus far my worst tragedy has been infertility/miscarriage. However, it really brought me to my knees. Literally. I think it made me realize where I was and where I needed to be if I wanted God to bless me with the children I have now.

Ok, next I promise! ;)


gina said...

Thank you for your insightful comment on my post about marriage.

I love your post. Those questions are really good ones - 10 rules for the world- and would you erase traumatic event... I will have to think about my answers for the 10-rule question - but I'm with you on the 2nd one. My most traumatic thing, horrible as it was, (so horrible i've never written or talked about it much - (except with the Lord)) - but it is the thing that changed my life and my relationship with the Lord. I wouldn't have given my life over to him without that event. Interesting how life works that way. If we always made the "correct" choices, we might miss the learning that comes from making mistakes - or even being innocent and violated -or anything in life that is painful (such as losing a child) can bring one to the Lord - so for me, it is hard to regret or wish away something so monumentally wonderful. Yet, if the trauma doesn't bring one to their knees, or rather, they are unable or choose not to -then that is very sad -and something one would love to erase. Sad also though, because this pattern of thinking-wishing away or quick elimination of pain - is a hinderment to progress - any guilt or pain just must be eliminated rather than dealt with and learned from. This type of thinking in society causes so many problems. (abortion, divorce, on and on.) Ok-I know the question is meant as fun-and it is - I just went off on a philosophical tangent!

Sorry for the long comment. You can tell from my blog that I'm quite long-winded at times. I write to help me think through things. Effective for me, but I don't know if it makes for very good reading! Oh well.

carebear7951 said...

Nope, I love long stuff. Can you tell? I am a little long-winded myself. Thank you so much for commenting on this post in particular. Sometimes I wonder if anyone is reading this kind or if it's only pictures I should be posting! I'm making blog-world friends! Yay! Good perspective on troubles...In this world you WILL have trouble...right???

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