Friday, May 29, 2009

facebook quizzes

So, I thought I was doing pretty good on my IQ test on facebook. Until...I agreed to enter my cell phone number and carrier. Yeah. That dropped my score dramatically. All the way down to STUPID and a half. Now, I'm wondering exactly what all these texts I'm getting mean (did I purchase something? or is it just "spam" trying to get me to purchase something?). I'm trying to make them stop...and they just won't.
Really hoping that my stupid level doesn't get higher when I get the bill next month **eyes roll**. And the kicker??? I never even got my IQ score on that dumb thing!
Ok, I'm done.

This afternoon I have an ultrasound. On the last two the baby has been 2 and 3 days (respectively) behind. That has me a little anxious. I don't really want him/her dropping off anymore. The heartrate has been increasing (which is a good thing at this stage--although it should level off soon I think). The dr is fine with everything that has been found/seen. I'm just not sure I am. And since I got my medical degree--yeah, from a Cracker Jacks box--I think my opinion is more qualified than hers, right? My mom is going with me today (while dad watches the kids!) so that I don't have to go to the ultrasound alone. I'm very glad she's able to do that. When Harold can't go...I get way more anxious! (Oh, note: she can't go to my actual dr appointment after the u/s because of swine flu only the patient can be in the waiting room!?)


Anonymous said...

hope it went well!

Colleen said...

how'd it go?

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