Friday, June 19, 2009


Forever 19.
Forever gone-
from this world.
Forever in our hearts.
forever will June be such a bittersweet month.
The month he was born
The month he suddenly. Inexplicably. Left.
No warning. No good-byes.
Eric Levi Montgomery
June 6, 1988-June 19, 2007


Angie said...

=( *hugs* Cara!

Gina said...

OH crying. but its been like that all week.....this is such a sad time and that was just beautiful....but so sad.

i keep telling myself and i'm comforted by it, that we will see him again, we have that hope. we know he's in heaven, but just that hes not here on earth with us is so heartbreaking. BUT much fruit has came out of his death and God has used it to His glory. it was not in vain!

i love you and miss you guys so much.

squirrelgirl said...


Jenny said...

((((hugs)))) girl! Thinking of you! What a beautiful poem!

Singwilsons said...

hugs to you my dear friend!

gina said...

peace be with you :)

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