Saturday, June 27, 2009

She Dropped Her Dolly...

no, not in the dirt, but worse actually. Haley had gotten a "new" baby-actually she got it at a resale (thrift) store and loved this doll. Such a cheap dollar store doll but she LOVED her. And it was the first doll she had ever named. Sunshine. (yeah, I know, kinda 60s...but it was sooo cute to hear her talking to and playing with Sunshine). So, yesterday we went to Port Aransas -a 20 minute or so drive + a ferry ride away. We decided, after eating lunch, to hit what was supposed to be a consignment store and souvenir store. Really, it was a tiny store full of breakables connected to a thrift store. So, we poked around for a few minutes (might've been longer except there was no a/c in this place...the heat index was 111 yesterday, so no. We didn't stay) and of course Haley laid her doll down somewhere. We did not realize this until we had walked back to the van-at the restaurant and gone to another souvenir store (which we quickly left due to really bad words on shirts/glasses/etc). At this point it's well into naptime, everyone was hot and tired...we think Sunshine might be missing. We were sure to spell everything so Haley was not aware of what we suspected. Then we drove home.
Little did I know this had affected my daughter so deeply. No, not the one that the doll belonged to. Lindsay. She came to me in the middle of the night sobbing! Literally sobbing!!!! She was so sad that Sunshine was gone. She told me "Mom, I know it's's just a doll. But I keep thinking of when she wanted Sunshine (the night before) and looked under her bed thinking she'd be there" This poor child. It was not for herself but for her little sister and her missing favorite doll. So, I spent the next 2 hours trying to decide if I should drive back out to Port Aransas today and try to retrieve said dolly. I'm thinking "no" because the odds that we'd find that doll in that thrift store are sooooo low....but how sad is this situation?

**side note** last night Haley got a light flick on the mouth from her daddy for repeatedly telling him "No" when he told her to do something....she didn't miss a beat but told him "teep a hands a self"!!! LOL

this morning Harold and Haley and Jared were all standing by the kitchen counter ogling the muffins I had made from scratch a package and Haley didn't like how Jared was encroaching on her "closest to daddy" position and pushed him away saying "best friend daddy"!!!! How funny is that???


squirrelgirl said...

She's quite possessive, isn't she? Here's another option: call the thrift store and see if the have Sunshine. If so, maybe they will mail the doll back to you. If you explain how heartbroken your DD is, they might agree.

carebear7951 said...

LOL, we drove out to the trift store but in true island living...they close whenever they aren't busy or just when they feel like it. Ugh. (The ferry line was 45 mins--just to get tooo the ferry!) Anyways, their "neighbor" (another shop) offered to ask them about it and took my number.

Jenny said...

That is so sweet of Lindsay! You know, Grace used to call herself Sunshine. It was a long time before we got her calling herself Grace.

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