Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Monday's Dr Appt

After about 5 agonizing minutes the dr was able to find the heartbeat of my little one. Somewhere in the 150s it was beating away right behind the placenta. :) I am feeling him or her move very occasionally. Started last week prob'ly but I wasn't sure enough to really say it "out loud". Now? It's still faint, and maybe a first time momma wouldn't quite attribute it to the baby but it is, it sure is! I remember this! This is the time when the movements are the best thing in the world. Later in the game they are not so fun ;) When the baby is a little more, dare I say, violent?!? It's still extremely reassuring and you're glad that it's just...hurts! But I'll take it all if it means my little one is healthy and growing.

14 weeks down and 24 to go...but who's counting?

Oh, and we **should** get to find out what this little one is in about 4 that's something to count down to!!!! :)

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