Tuesday, June 2, 2009

We're Going to the...

beach, we're going to the beach!!! Do I loooovve the beach? No. and it doesn't love me (sun)...but we're getting out of this house for a day! That, I can love! This is our final field trip for this school year and so we'll be seeing our homeschool friends and learning a little about "beach life" (not that of a beach bum, but the actual wildlife that is at the beach! ;))
Hopefully I'll have some pics for posting later, but last time I took my camera it got sand and water in it. Not a good combination of things to carry around in your digital camera. (This is a different one, needless to say!) That was when I was pregnant with Haley...and the damage showed up right around the time I was due to have her. Yeah! A new baby and no camera! Woohoo! Hopefully I can do a better job of protecting my camera this time.

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