Saturday, June 13, 2009

Such Unpredictability!

I think that Haley takes after her daddy...I can never predict what she'll like or not like, be afraid of or's crazy!
Today, we went to the Corpus Christi Museum of Science and History because Jared's scout pack was meeting there and because it was a free day at the Museum (I think Lindsay figured it up and it would've been like $40 to go normally!) So, we had somewhere fun for the kids and air conditioned to be for like 3 1/2 hours! Can't beat that, now can ya?
So, they were having this water thing there (trying to get people to be more aware of waste and pollution, etc-we are always in a drought here) and the kids had the most fun running around to each little "booth" set up around the museum and getting the free stuff (from candy to coloring books to mugs to highlighters! and more!). Here's the part about Haley that surprised me: there were some "characters" in costumes and she LOVED them! Most 2 year olds I know of (including my other two-who were overall less high maintenance than Haley) don't like 5-7 foot characters with big things over their heads! Her favorite was the bee:

(Bumbeeeebeee) and she kept going up to him all by herself even. It definitely gave me a laugh--and gave me hope as we plan to go to Disney next year. It'll be really fun if we can get her picture with the characters without her crying and trying to get away!

Some more funny Haley-isms: When we were getting into the van to leave she was fighting with me about her carseat-she never does this!? And I told her "I'm not playing these games with you", so the rest of the time she was CRYING and saying "Play games mama". LOL How do you explain to a 2 year old that there are no games to play, it was just a saying! :)

On the way home we were trying to keep her awake and talking to her about the suckers she'd consumed from the "booths" and I asked her how many she'd had and she said "two" (actually it was three, but ok) and then she said "fight daddy candy". What?? Turns out that when she tried to run off with a sucker stick hanging out of her mouth we said "no way". So, Harold took off to get her to come back or give up the sucker and they "fought" LOL!!!!

A good day all in all. Lots of laughs and something to do. Lately? That's enough! :)


squirrelgirl said...

LOL! Aren't toddlers fun? If you come to Florida next year, you MUST let me know in advance so we can try to meet up!

Jenny said...

Lol, the more I hear about her the more she sounds like Grace. Grace's loves the giant rat at Chuck E Cheese. The other kids were scared of him, but my Gracie seeks him out.

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