Friday, July 22, 2011

Just Say No

Why, as parents is it our inclination-or maybe it's just me-to say "no" first and then think about it? Sometimes I say "no" out of reflex and then regret it. But by then a child might be whining or arguing and I can't go back and say yes and reward that whining/arguing behavior. When really, it was my fault in the first place because it was something I could have and should have said "yes"! Follow me?

I am not a parent that is afraid to tell my children "no". I know some parents these days don't like to say that to their precious little cherubs lest it might crush their little spirits. Hogwash. No is all over in our society. All. Over. Look around.

  • No Parking
  • No Smoking
  • Do Not Enter
  • No Biciycles
  • No Pedestrians
  • No Passing
  • Stop (can you imagine instead of a stop sign if there was a sign to "redirect" you!?)
So, kids (and adults) had better learn early on what it means when you hear "no", "stop" or "don't" because life is full of it. But what if, when we don't have to say no, we say "yes"!?

Today we were eating out (which was a no no-ha ha!) and Haley asked to sit at the tall counter-type table. I could've said "no". It's kind of a pain honestly. And the configuration wasn't right for 5 people, and I couldn't put Nathan in a high chair....but did it really matter in the end? No. (see? the word pops up everywhere!) and so I said....YES! And she was such a happy child. And you know what? Five minutes after we left that restaurant, it didn't matter. Except to her, it did! And that did matter five minutes later.

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