Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Ranch Chicken Sandwiches

I honestly cannot remember where this recipe came from...but it's a favorite in our house!

  • chicken breasts (we use flash frozen because they are the easiest to buy and store and choose how many we need just an hour or two before dinner)
  • Ranch salad dressing (we have used everything from the kind you make-Hidden Valley-to the cheapest store brand and I think the key is not in what dressing but how long the chicken marinates in it!)
  • Provolone Cheese-thin slices
  • tomato (sliced)
  • buns
  • any other condiments you would enjoy--I've had it suggested that avocado would go yummily with this sandwich!
1. Start off with thawing your chicken (I do mine in a pan of cold water on the counter-but I have to watch out for the cat...He apparently likes this chicken too!)
2. Put the thawed chicken in a (glass) dish with the Ranch dressing-making sure it's coated on all sides (at least an hour works best I think...all day is even better!)
3. Grill (or pan fry in a pinch) your chicken breasts after they marinate.
4. Place the slice of cheese on the cooked chicken breast (we sometimes do it while it's still on the grill, but JUST before we take it off--just long enough to melt it a little)
5. top with tomato and put it on the bun!
(we reserve some of the ranch before we put raw chicken in it and save it for dipping the sandwiches in or putting some extra on it)

Dinner is served!  Oops! I was going to put a "finished product" picture but it was so late that the food was scarfed down before I could say "camera".

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