Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Thankful Tuesday

Kelly, over at "Oh That Mom Again"   is encouraging us to think about the things that we are thankful for on this Tuesday! What a good exercise. These days it's much more popular to whine about what you don't have. Unfortunately, complaining is a cultural norm. Or maybe it's not cultural, maybe it's human. Either way, it makes you and all those around you miserable. I figure if I start my day out with Kelly...thinking of things I'm thankful for...my attitude will be so good that day that it will rub off on my kids! Yes? No? Well, it's worth a shot! :) She's asked for 10. Let's see if I can do her one better and think of 11!

1. A Creator/God who loved me before I loved Him-and forgives me even before I ask!
2. Answered prayers (there are so many of them!)
3. "Unanswered" prayers---we all know that they're not actually unanswered, just not the answer we wanted!
4. A husband that loves me and our children.
5. My children. It was kind of a long road...but it also goes with numbers 2 and 3-God answered that prayer in His perfect timing and not a minute before!
6. A body that is strong and healthy enough to work hard to lose this weight.
7. Enough food. (see #6)
8. Parents that cared enough to discipline me and keep me in line. (I know now how that is NOT the fun part of parenting. At. All.)
9. Air Conditioning
10. Grandparents.
11. Choices. There are so many ares in life that we get to choose what works for us (parenting styles, where to live, what to eat, etc) and I know that not everyone has that!


Kelly said...

What an awesome post :) I hope you decide to link up every Tuesday :) I love reading these and it's So great to think of positive things instead of negative (because negative is SO easy.. trust me. I know lol)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing! I love the idea and so wish I had done this when I woke up instead of exploding about everything.

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