Saturday, December 22, 2012


We no longer have a cub scout in our house! We have a BOY scout!
This past week Jared graduated and crossed over the bridge. I don't think he was all that excited until it happened. He seemed to not realize the importance of it until after the ceremony when he told me "I can't believe I'm a boy scout now!" I guess until it happened and we had some pomp and circumstance within the little ceremony he didn't realize what a cool thing he had accomplished.

 Cakes! I helped the leader make the cakes that represented the 2 levels and if you notice there a bridge going from cub scouts to boy scouts.

 One of my favorite parts of boy scouts/cub scouts is that it pushes the kids to do things they might not otherwise do. Jared is not one to get up in front of anyone but he was asked to lead the beginning of the meeting/ceremony that night. And he didn't love doing it, but guess what? He pushed and did it!
 Here is one of the leaders giving Jared some of the final awards he needed to accomplish/receive before he could be officially a boyscout!
There were so many more pictures I took "in my head" but since my camera died after this last one that my mom took....alas, it didn't happen...One of the neatest things at the ceremony was the scout leaders found some "flash paper" and wrapped it around the shaft of an arrow (which the boys kept!) and we went outside and for just a moment in time they got to hold an "arrow of light"! If you know anything about boy children, you know this: fire is cool! :)

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