Thursday, December 20, 2012

Gift Policy

For the longest time my husband and I have realized that Christmas is so overboard. Materialistically speaking! Our kids, while not having near what many of their peers have, are way too "blessed". And the more I think about it, if we celebrate Christmas as Christ's birthday (and we do in the sense that we remember that event during this season-I don't necessarily believe He was born on December 25th and I know there is some concern that some of our traditions are questionable in their origin but I feel no qualms about using this time of year to talk to my kids about the importance of the Baby that was born in a manger so many years ago and so far away....born for the purpose of dying for us!) Oops, I digress...

If we celebrate Christmas as a time to remember the birth of Christ, then should my kids get 123 gifts when Jesus only got 3? And it's supposed to be about Him (for us anyway)!?

I have been challenged in so many ways this year because I'm so used to just picking up this or that-sometimes things they "need" (clothing or pajamas) and sometimes things I just think are cute or really cool (for the boys-you should never buy your big boys stuff that is "cute". Just not okay! ;) ) This year with the self-imposed "rule" of 3 gifts per child (including Santa's gifts!) I have really had to think about each thing I buy and make it count!

I do not think everyone needs to do this. This is something we felt led to do this year....

My kids have been warned regularly that this will happen! They will not go from 123 gifts to 3 without being warned.

I have "cheated" a little bit by making their stockings a little less junky trinkets and more neat stuff.

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