Sunday, December 23, 2012

Falling Short

Since I've been a believer all of my life I am no stranger to the idea of falling short. I can handle falling short of the Glory of God. I mean, He's God! Of course I won't be as good as Him...but I don't like always feeling like I'm failing people. Falling short. Not doing enough.

And it's never enough.

I'm not saying that the people in my life think I fall short. It's me. I think I do. If my husband goes to the fridge after dinner, in my mind it means I didn't feed him enough or what he liked. I had a party for my 3 year old a couple of weeks ago. We planned it pretty well I think. But I failed to have a sugar free cake for my diabetic/pre-diabetic in-laws (they asked if the cake was sugar free). Wellll, the actual main ingredient and the flavoring factor and creates the crisp texture of buttercream frosting. Sorry. So, epic fail. I didn't please all of my guests. I feel like I fail my kids I'm sure I don't measure up as a daughter...thankfully I can't think of every thing I've ever done or, more importantly, not done to give examples.

I think some of this comes from being a mom and being the jack of all trades kind of person. I have so many hats and jobs that I can't perfect any one of them. I mean, if all I had to do was cook...I could be a-may-zing! Or clean. If my only job was to could eat off of the bathroom floor. If all I had to do was teach my children their academics....they'd be Einsteins! ;)...and if all I had to do was study God's Word and teach them Oh wait, and a wife. I'm one of those too.

I love my life. I really do. Right now I'm just feeling a little less than qualified. Anyone else ever feel this way? Am I alone?

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