Friday, December 21, 2012

We have had some big happenings here in our household! My boys are growing up right before my very eyes (well, the girls are too but there has been recent evidence with the boys)...

Nathan turned 3 on Dec 2.

This picture would have been right about the moment he turned 3. He was born on Dec 2, 2009 at 10:50 am. When I went to his Sunday School class to get this picture he had just hit his head so it kind of changed the plans to take a perfect picture. ;)

 Yum! Cake! And Old fashioned root beer! :)
 My dad (aka Papa) had some horses come out with guys (okay, maybe he had some guys come out that have horses ;) ) and the kids all took turns riding the 2 ponies for an entire hour! They LOVED it!! *note: this is not a regular occurrence at my kids' parties. this is the first time EVER animals have been "rented"...

 This last picture is not as self-explanatory as some....we had an activity that, while it didn't work out exactly how I pictured, the kids LOVED! I baked like 4-5 cakes a few days before the party and crumbled them up to resemble "dirt" and then we put butterscotch (gold colored) candy in the "dirt" so the kids could dig for gold! And let me tell you, the mess was pretty...messy! But the kids loved it! They really got into it and loved getting their hands dirty. So much fun! (the problem: the cake stuck to the candy so it was harder to find and since they were little this was not the plan...if your birthday child is not allergic to milk (chocolate candy) you could do gold coins and it would work so much better! But since it was about Nathan...and he can't have milk chocolate candy, that was not an option.)

Such a bittersweet thing for this mama. For some reason 3 seems so big. He's no longer a "toddler" but a "preschooler" might be it. The crib is going right after Christmas...Time is flying!
We had the funnest birthday party. I think it went very well and he was happy-isn't that what matters?

My baby is 3 to bigger and better things!

Next Post: Jared graduates from cub-scouts to boy scouts! It's official! We have a boyscout!

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