Saturday, April 27, 2013

And this one is....

Eleven. My mister is 11. But just the other day he was this:

And then he was this:
And then:
But NOW he's 11!!!!!

Sadly I didn't get any pictures of his birthday party and actually he's not very wild about having his picture taken anyways...He chose the SIMPLEST (for me) birthday party EVER. Really. He wanted: some pizza ($5 each) and some friends and a cake. At a park by the water that we call "the Dunes" and to have an airsoft war. The Dunes provide the perfect set up for this because it's kind of like a desert setting and you can hide behind and around the sand dunes (which are packed). Then the cops came. Seriously.

Someone who was just bored or something called the cops on my 11 year old's dream birthday party. Airsoft, in case you don't know, is like a bb gun but the bb's are plastic. They sting but do not REEEALLY hurt anyone (unless you do point blank or shoot someone in the eye). And the boys were only shooting each other, not other people. There were not even any other kids trying to play in the sand dunes and although there was another child's party on the playground, the boys were nowhere near there! Thankfully:
a)the cop was SUPER nice about it. He was talking to the boys about their guns and told them he was sorry but since they were called he had to ask us not to do it, etc....
b)a friend who was there with her 2 boys lives just outside the city limits. So, although we lost our "dunes" set up, we got to still have a party where the kids could play war. So, it was a happy birthday after all! (April 9-that's how far behind I am people!)


squirrelgirl said...

Wow, seriously? Someone called the cops on a kids' birthday party??? I can see them maybe approaching you, the parent in charge, if there was a concern. But police??? Geez Louise!

carebear7951 said...

Yup!!! I think they wanted the place to themselves...even though we were not affecting them in the least. Next year we're thinking fireworks or something...this is not our first go-round with Jared's birthday party being busted by the cops Meredith!

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