Saturday, April 20, 2013

Crazy Month!

Once again...I have all these grand ideas about blogging and by the time I get to my computer to balance my checkbook...I don't have 2 cohesive thoughts to put together! I'm not sure how all these moms (homeschool moms too!) keep up with their blogging and the posts are so "put together". I stand in awe...or maybe I sit. Or lay. Because I'm tired.

We have been camping as a family (the whole reason we took a season off of sports...and still it's been hard to find time to go!)

The kids and I drove over 2600 miles to Florida to visit friends and family! That was definitely an adventure-especially when one little girl's bladder has apparently shrunk to the size of a pea!

Came back from Florida to go STRAIGHT to another camping trip with Jared's scout group! And trust me there are no pictures of that one!

Said goodbye to friends :( We miss them so much!

And that was March by the way. Another issue? I've had trouble uploading pictures. My camera battery died. Again. And my google+ account was not being friendly to my "instant upload" command. There. That's why I haven't blogged. ;)

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