Saturday, April 27, 2013

Change in the Air

So, we have some possible change in the air. Not sure yet-which makes it even worse!
And I have some people in my family who are not big on change. Once we talked about moving (about 3-4 blocks away) and the older 2 kids FREAKED OUT. Seriously. You'd have thought I told them I was moving around the world with them or something.

This is all so weird to me....while we have lived in the same house for over 7 years now, I don't know how many houses I lived in growing up. A new school was a yearly thing (at least) and I just (for the most part) shrugged and said "Ok"...I looked at it mostly as a chance to kind of start over. I didn't reinvent myself or anything, just thought, hey, no one knows me or anything about me at this new place!

And the change that we are possibly facing is not something we can just be excited about-because it's sad too. And scary (although that sounds a big melo-dramatic in a way)! And I don't like dragging the kids along for uncertain things. Even though I know it teaches them to roll with it (whatever "it" is in life....there are a lot of things to "roll with") and to be flexible.

And it's not a "we have to do this" kind of change-like a job is forcing it or something....

But, I just keep thinking that maybe God is leading us to something. That He has something in His plans for us. That this could be a good thing. Or maybe it's nothing. And the change won't be what we are supposed to do....but I feel if we never explore this opportunity when we've been stirred up we might miss a blessing. And maybe we will BE the blessing.

Maybe He's been preparing us for such a time as this (loosely quoted from Esther-the Veggie Tales version)....

So, here goes a leap! And with 6 of us leaping, the splash could be BIG.

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squirrelgirl said...

Such a tease! I'm sure I'm not the only one who will be (impatiently) awaiting the big reveal, whenever the timing is right!

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