Thursday, April 25, 2013

Finally 13!!!!!!

I've posted a lot about dealing with kids growing up (and how I really don't think I like it)...but I usually focus on the little ones. How their growing up affects this mama. But what about this?

I'm the mom of a teenager now! *GASP* I'm not sure how that happened and I'm pretty sure I didn't approve it. But time marches on...
 On April 7 Lindsay turned 13. And at some point, in some moment of naivete denial stupidity I told her that when she turned 13 she could wear make up!! She reminded me of this shortly before the "big" day. Funny, I don't remember that but I'm quite sure I did say it(I wore make up at 13 so I probably saw that as a great time to let my daughter do that).

For the first time ever she didn't want a party for her birthday. Funny, because she considered this birthday "HUGE"! She wanted to celebrate with a friend and go out to dinner and a movie and do some shopping. I surprised her with a pedicure.

We had so much fun with that. There was an, ahem, older man in one of the pedi chairs and he was really enjoying it. He had the massage chair going and it looked like he was "shimmying"! We were dying! Then we wondered what the (chinese?) people were saying in their language about our feet.... All in all though, it was just a nice time.

She got a purity ring for one of her presents. A ring that reminds her that waiting to be intimate is possible. And only good can come from it. She chose one that is black and has in-set stones (rhinestones) and it has the Bible verse on the other side. We have such different taste. But that's ok. I'm learning ;).

And if that wasn't bad my next post!

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