Thursday, May 2, 2013


There is something that intrigues me. Most people, including my husband, think I'm nuts! And I probably am.

But have you ever heard of "tiny houses"?

As in tinier than the one I live in?

I don't know if I've ever said much on here but we have a really small house for the size of our family and according to today's standards. We have just a little over 1,000 square feet. And 6 people and a BIG dog.

But these houses intrigue me! I first found out about this style of living in an article that said most people buy a bigger house for....MORE STORAGE for their stuff!? I don't understand that. If I have stuff that I need and use why do I need to store it? And if I don't need it or use it, why do I have it?

Here are some examples of tiny houses:


these are all different houses by the way-not different views of the same tiny house

Anyways, the reason this idea intrigues me is simply this: it's so cheap! No more mortgage, no more trying to decorate or furnish a house just for show. No room to put all the things you buy-because I'm quite sure if you know you're taking home bags from Target or Walmart with useless stuff in'd think twice if you had to trip over it in one of these super tiny houses! And another thing...I've just always loved "little" things. Always. I wanted a smurf when I was a kid. With a tiny little mushroom house for him to live in!

Now I will admit to a few concerns:
1) What if you have to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night and your bed in your tiny house is in a tiny loft with a ladder leading to the first floor? What if you "forget" you are on a tiny loft surface and go crashing down?

2) When weather is're stuck inside with all of your tiny space and your (in our case) large family!?

3) Most of them seem to be on wheels. Specifically ONE AXLE! Wow! Our pop-up camper (the smallest version available at the time we bought it in 1996) is on one axle! We barely fit in there. Let alone if it rains! And I just don't want a house that is moveable. Call me unadventurous if you will, but I like a firm foundation!

4) Even some of my "must haves" wouldn't fit in some of these houses. I know, the less is more is what intrigued me most...but some things are must haves! Picture albums for sure! Books and school books (remember, we homeschool...and I am saving books until Nathan uses them-those suckers are expensive!)....some kitchen things (blender/mixer/etc)

5) I can't imagine trying to cook for a family of 6 in a tiny kitchen. That is probably the biggest room in my house-the kitchen. And I use

But still, how cool would it be to live such a simple, cheap, eco-friendly, cheap life! (yeah, I meant to say cheap twice ;) )

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