Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Scary Times

For as long as I can remember my grandparents have been a mainstay of my life. I spent every weekend with them from before I can even remember. We lived with them off and on.

They took me to church. My grandma held my hair back more times than I can count while I was sick. When that same hair (long at that time) got lice at school...guess who had to comb it out and wash it in the sink and clean the house from top to bottom? Bag up all the stuffed animals.

Listened to all my silly stories and songs and let me make messes all over her house when she had ONE DAY a week to clean! (She worked full time.) She cleaned around my tents in the living room. And if I hated what was for dinner? Guess who fixed me macaroni and cheese? And was always cutting up an apple or an orange for a snack. I remember there always being fruit on the counter-ready to grab and eat when Grandma was home....

And read Little House on the Prairie books to me. Ad nauseum. When I could read them to myself? And listened to my prayers at night....when I decided to pray for everyone in the world. By name.

My grandma.

Last night we got a call that she was taken to the hospital by ambulance. And we're 900+ miles away. And I want to be there. There's something wrong with her heart-has been for a while, it's just gotten worse. She got very weak and pale and my grandpa called for help (a relative) and the relative who is an RN called 911. And my poor grandma-who HATES a spectacle (how she's ever lived with my grandpa for over 60 years...I will never know <3 a="" all="" ambulance="" an="" and="" carted="" come="" doesn="" fire="" hospital="" in="" neighborhood="" neighbors="" of="" out="" p="" s="" t="" the="" there="" to="" truck="" was="" watch="" watching="" when="" who="" with="">
And now, just a few days shy of their move here....she is lying in a hospital bed waiting to hear what needs to be done. Before they can move. All their stuff is boxed up. My grandpa is at home (when he's not at the hospital) not knowing what to do without his "Peach"...his love...his life.

The house is ready here. The one that is all on one level (no stairs at all!-unlike the one they've been in for years-even through her knee replacement surgery!). Everything is set up just for them at that house. Landscaping lovingly done. A new sidewalk to avoid any rough spots to trip on. Just perfect. Except it's empty. We've been over there a bunch of times just waiting til it was full of love. Now it will sit. Until the dr says she can go.

Thankfully...My God is so big, My God is so strong...there's nothing my God cannot do! I will keep praying. For strength. For peace. For clarity. For solutions. For my grandma.

P.S. Lest you think I have no parents, I do! I have parents that love me and I lived with them. My grandparents were just a very important part of my life also!

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