Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Graph It!

How do you explain something to someone that is like gibberish?
I get it now. I get how hard it must have been when I had questions about homework and my parents or grandparents would not know how to explain it. I thought, "Surely, if you're a grown-up then you must know how to do this-if I have to do it before I get to be a grown-up." Thing is, it might have been 30 years since you did that!


Graph that baby. Ummm, yeah. Sure. Just the other day I was thinking about that and how fun it is! Oh wait, the 3 year old is barking.


Graph. Wait! Haley is trying to sound out a word. She needs help.


How is that a function? And I need to graph it on a plane? And what do you mean you don't understand it?

Oh Good heavens! And I even have the benefit of a teacher's book! With the answers!

P.S. I did finally figure it out by reading it like 15 times (the lesson)! Success! But then I had to figure out how to explain it without just giving the answer away. Yikes! I get it now. So, to my mom and my dad and my grandma and grandpa??? I'm SOOOO sorry for all the times I was so impatient and huffy when you had to take my math book and start back at page 1 before you could help me with the problem on page 132. I get it now. Because I do the SAME thing. And guess what? My kids want me to hurry up too!

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